MCSA CCNA CCNP CCIE Hardware and Networking CCNA

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A+ Detailed Course Outline


Lesson 1: Personal Computer Components

Topic 1A: Personal Computer Systems

Topic 1B: Selecting Replacement Computer Components

Topic 1C: Configurations for Specialized Computer Systems


Lesson 2: Lab Proceedures and Tool Use

Topic 2A: Safe Lab Proceedures

Topic 2B: Proper Use of Tools


Lesson 3: Computer Assembly

Topic 3A: Computer Assembly

Topic 3B: Boot the Computer

Topic 3C: Upgrading and Configuring a PC


Lesson 4: Overview of Preventative Maintenance and Troubleshooting

Topic 4A: Preventative Maintenance

Topic 4B: Troubleshooting Process


Lesson 5: Operating Systems

Topic 5A: Modern Operating Systems

Topic 5B: Operating System Installation

Topic 5C: The Windows GUI and Control Panel

Topic 5D: Client-Side Virtualization

Topic 5E: Common Preventative Maintenance Technique for Operating Systems

Topic 5F: Basic OS Troubleshooting


Lesson 6: Networks

Topic 6A: Principles of Networking

Topic 6B: Identifying Networks

Topic 6C: Basic Networking Concepts and Technologies

Topic 6D: Physical Concept of Of a Network

Topic 6E: Network Topologies

Topic 6F: Ethernet Standards

Topic 6G: OIS and TCP/IP Data Models

Topic 6H: Computer Network Connection

Topic 6I: Select an ISP Connection Type

Topic 6J: Common Preventative Maintenance Techniques Used for Networks

Topic 6K: Troubleshooting Process for Networks

Lesson 7: Laptops

Topic 7A: Laptop Components

Topic 7B: Laptop Display Components

Topic 7C: Laptop Power

Topic 7D: Laptop Wireless Communication Technologies

Topic 7E: Laptop Hardware and Component Installation and Configuration

Topic 7F: Common Preventative Maintenance Techniques for Laptops

Topic 7G: Basic Troubleshooting for Laptops

Lesson 8: Mobile Devices

Topic 8A: Mobile Device Hardware Overview

Topic 8B: Mobile Device Operating Systems

Topic 8C: Network Connectivity and E-mails

Topic 8D: Methods for securing Mobile Devices

Topic 8E: Basic Troubleshooting for Mobile Devices

Lesson 9: Printers

Topic 9A: Common Printer Features

Topic 9B: Types of Printers

Topic 9C: Installing and Configuring Printers

Topic 9D: Sharing Printers

Topic 9E: Preventative Maintenance Techniques for Printers

Topic 9F: Basic Troubleshooting for Printers

Lesson 10: Security

Topic 10A: Security Threats

Topic 10B: Security Procedures

Topic 10C: Common Preventative Maintenance Techniques for Security

Topic 10D:Basic Troubleshooting for Security

Lesson 11: The IT Professional

Topic 11A: Communication Skills and the IT Professional

Topic 11B:Ethical and Legal Issues in th IT Industry

Topic 11C:Call Center Technicians

Lesson 12: Advanced Troubleshooting

Topic 12A: Computer Components and Peripherals

Topic 12B: Operating Systems

Topic 12C: Networks

Topic 12D: Laptops

Topic 12E: Printers 

Topic 12F: Security

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